Here at AFCC, we are denoted as the top fertility center in Cancun.  Our expert fertility specialists carefully select the best technique according to each couple’s profile, after an exhaustive, strict and personalized diagnosis. Our success rates are above 90% effective for assisted reproduction procedures.

Our Values.

  • Professionalism: Our staff continuously updates and implements in new techniques and procedures.
  • Human Excellence: We know what couples are going through, this is why we put ourselves in their place and try to make this process as kindly as possible.
  • Ethics: We guide ourselves with high moral and Ethical values addressing our profession as well as individuals.
  • Teamwork: Based on a multidisciplinary philosophy, Fertility Center Cancun is well known for Keeping its staff involved in every step to provide the best treatment solutions.

Your First Visit to the Top Fertility Center in Cancun

IVF Cancun Treatment at Cancun’s Top Fertility Clinic

If you and your partner have tried to conceive for over 6 months and have not succeeded, we are here to help you take the next step. Our fertility team will help you understand female and male infertility causes and factors.  Our team comprises of highly qualified and specialized IVF doctors utilizing the most advanced procedures for assisted reproduction in Mexico.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

We treat the woman in any pathology that may affect her in any of the stages of life, from teen medicine, pregnancy control, opportune OBGYN cancer detection, colposcopy, climacteric to menopause.

Assisted Reproduction

We are powered topmost infrastructure, international experience and a broad range of Assisted Reproduction Techniques for couples in within our facilities.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

We are dedicated to diagnosing and solving mother and/or fetal problems, and to reassure that both mother and baby are in the best of the conditions during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

Andrology and Clinical Analysis Laboratory

In our laboratories we take care of every sperm sample process and study of male fertility problems. We offer multiple special techniques such as analysis, freezing and sperm bank.