Affordable Cost of IVF in Cancun

With the outrageous costs of fertility treatment in the US and Canada, IVF Cancun is a booming choice for fertility treatment today.

Couples all over the globe are finding ease and comfort in traveling abroad for infertility treatments due to the escalating costs of IVF treatments in the US, Canada and Europe. Traveling abroad for IVF and Egg Donors can save you up to 70% on the total cost of your treatment.

At the leading IVF Cancun clinic, AFCC, we specialize in  IVF Cancun, egg donation Cancun, and PGD Cancun services at significant amounts of savings — in an astonishing setting in Mexico.

Uniquely Versatile.

Cancun is one of the most prominent fertility destinations embraced by English-speaking staff members, low cost treatments and the simplicity of traveling to Cancun.

IVF Cancun Costs

The costs of IVF Cancun treatments are nearly 70% lower than USA and Canadian clinics, without conceding the superiority of fertility care and the proficiency of IVF doctors.

The following fees are associated with fertility treatment:

  • Consultations with your fertility specialist (including initial and follow up)
  • Any investigations or tests you may require (e.g. semen analysis or AMH testing)
  • Fertility treatment and the medications involved
  • Depending on your circumstances, advanced scientific techniques (e.g. access to the donor program, or pre implantation genetic testing)

As the end of your consult, our medical consultants will provide the corresponding budget plan with the reproduction method that best suits you, as well as, the medication plan and any further analysis that is required for each particular case.

Compare the Costs Yourself….

IVF Cycle= $7,500.00 USD*

Frozen embryo transfer (FET)= $1,700.00 USD*

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)= $1,200.00 USD*

Egg Donation= $9,100.00 USD*

*prices subject to change